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Teething Toys

When your baby starts getting their teeth teething toys will come to your rescue.  Your baby’s first inclination will be to find something to chew on. You will find once their teeth are coming in your baby will put anything in his or her mouth to find comfort. Having safe teething toys handy will make you to feel prepared and you won’t worry about your child placing an unsafe item in their mouth.

Baby teething toys come with bumps and ridges that allow your baby to rub his or his gums on and provide relief to your baby.  The gums become aggravated when teeth are coming in and baby teething toys can help your baby.  For extra comfort they can be placed in the refrigerator for cooling.

We carry a full selection of teethers from various brands such as miYim, Natursutten, Vulli, and Zoli. If you are looking for something a bit more delicate than plastic or silicone, miYim has a knit teether that is not only certified organic and 100% cotton, but is also durable.

To attract your child through smell, Vulli makes  the Vanilla Teething Ring. This teething toy ring is completely BPA Free and your child will be instantly pleased with the vanilla scent and soft, chewy material. Zoli makes a full line of silicone teethers that are Nitrosamine and PVC free. Whether your baby is drawn to the shape of a mushroom, flower, or clover, Zoli has it covered.

If your child is in the habit of throwing their toys, no need to worry about it dropping to the ground and picking up germs. Conveniently attach it the stroller, car seat, or carrier with a teething toy sitter. Simply connect the other end to the teether and your teething toy is safe. These “sitters” eliminate the need for multiple washings and save time wasted searching.

Teethers are simple, effective, and inexpensive toys that help alleviate the pain associated with teething. Be sure to check out our wide assortment of teething toys and all of our toys for your child! 

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