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There's no better way to hold onto the precious memories of the first year of baby's life than with baby keepsakes. Having those special moments and milestones forever in something tangible that can be held close helps make watching baby grow bigger all the more easier. Every mother knows that watching her baby grow every day is just as bittersweet as it is rewarding.

Any mother can attest to just how fleeting the moments are when baby is just a tiny bundle of sweet, soft skin with miniature fingers, toes, and a button nose. Cherishing those tiny features with creative baby keepsake kits such as a baby keepsake footprint, baby hand print keepsake, or any other baby print is fun and provides a life-size replica of mom and dad's favorite features of their precious bundle.

While nothing can compare to the real deal, a baby keepsake kit can give parents the next best thing. These make the perfect gift to any parent. Plaster molds of little baby feet, hands, or bum make for great conversation and are a realistic reminder of how fleeting and precious babyhood really is.

Having a baby is the most thrilling, rewarding, terrifying, and humbling experience any person will ever go through. Learning how to be a parent, making sacrifices day in and day out, and plodding on despite sleep deprivation and uncertainty is nothing compared to the joy of watching your child develop and thrive. Don't let the memories slip you by. Be sure to hold on to the moments with some of our baby keepsakes!

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