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Children’s cards and invites are a fun way of saying thank you, happy birthday, inviting to a party, or simply keeping in touch. We have compiled a full selection of cards, notecard sets, invitations, and stationary.

The perfect complement to a present is a card. Cards are often underrated, but they really are as important as the gift itself.  Bring your own personal message to your gift and make sure that not only the gift, but what it means is remembered.

Get your child involved in the party throwing fun and have them participate in making the invitations. We have Eric Carle’s Hungry Caterpillar cards that can be used as both invitations or thank you cards. Your child will instantly be drawn to the character that they have already grown fond of.

Take the chore out of writing thank you notes and teach your child good habits. With their own kids stationary or kids notecards writing thank you cards can be fun and creative.  With the Paul Frank stationary set your child can make it completely their own as they mix and match. There is no better thank you for a gift than a thank you letter than has been personally written by a child.

Encouraging your children to write letters can be beneficial in many ways.  Nothing is as cherished by a grandparent or loved one than a simple letter telling them thank you or just an update on how they are doing. Letter writing also helps children learn how to express themselves and develops their writing skills. They will hone their skills in grammar, spelling, and word usage without even knowing it.

Whether your child is helping with the party planning process or saying thank you for their birthday present, we are sure to have the children’s cards and invites to suit the occasion.

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