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Baby sippy cups are a great way to help your child to transition from a bottle to a cup without making a lot of messes. Sippy cups can be found in various styles with a lot of different designs and characters on them.

tottini offers a wide variety of different toddler and baby sippy cups. We bring you all of these great baby sippy cups in exciting brand names and all at affordable prices. We are a store where modern meets functionality for children and parents alike, truly the best place for everyone to come for all baby and toddler feeding needs.

We offer a sleek sippy cup that has a circular shape great for two little hands to grip called the boon Fluid. The boon Fluid is BPA-, phthalate-, and PVC-free and has a slanted top for easier use.

Baby sippy cups can be spill proof also, like the OXO Tot sippy cup. It comes in both 7 and 11 ounce size cups, with both sizes having grips on both sides to prevent slipping. You can get the oxo sippy cup with or without removable handles in three different colors.

We also offer baby training cups specifically designed to help your child transition to a full size cup. The thinkbaby Trainer cup is BPA, nitrosamines, phthalates, PVC, lead, Tritan, Melamine, and biologically toxic chemical free. It is perfect for those who are worried about what their child touches! The soft silicone spout is perfect for children used to having silicone bottle nipples. The thinkbaby Trainer cup offers dual soft handles on either side to make it easier for little hands to hold.

The OXO 7 ounce training cup offers a clear insert with holes around the edge to control the flow of the contents. The insert helps to make messes smaller while your child is learning how to drink from his or her big kid cup. The insert is also removable for when your child is ready to transition completely to a regular cup.

Baby sippy cups are a great way to help your child transition away from the infant stage and into being a toddler with ease. They make it easier for parents as they are often spill-proof to make less mess.

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