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Food Prep & Storage

Whether your child is still drinking from a bottle or has started solid foods, there are multiple options for baby food storage offered with our lineup. We are an eco and family friendly, modern store for your child, designed by those who have been there before for those who are raising children today.

The Beaba formula or snack container provides an easy way to carry single servings of formula for travel. It also holds snacks for the child who is eating solid food. It offers a small opening for pouring to simplify bottle preparation. Baby food storage containers like the Kids Konserve food container are perfect for packing on the go lunches or snacks without going the plastic bag route. The Kids Konserve line offers BPA, lead, and phthalate free products to give you peace of mind.

The OXO Tot baby food mill makes homemade baby food prep easier for the busy parent. It offers three interchangeable steel grinding disks to allow you to prepare a variety of textures. It separates seeds and skins from cooked fruits or vegetables with a simple turn of the knob. The OXO Tot Top containers offer a secure storage option that is easy to use and operate without leaking the contents out. It is easy to see inside the container to make sure you are grabbing the right one for the day. Just prepare, refrigerate, and pop in the microwave when ready to serve!

The OXO Tot Pop baby food storage containers are small and sleek and have a push-button top that forms a tight seal with just one hand. The POP containers are great for storing a lot of items in small spaces. They offer rounded corners for easy pouring and are simple to operate one-handed as most parents have only one hand free. They are BPA, phthalate, and PVC free.

All of our products are available in the hottest brand names and at the affordable prices! We offer baby food storage and baby food prep items in various styles and colors for the busy parent. The hardest part a parent has in the process of storing and preparing baby food today is choosing which items to buy in which colors, thanks to all of the various options in feeding.

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