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Nursery Decor: Toddler Growth Charts

Babies grow into toddlers so fast, and then before you know it they are older children, teens, and adults. It is important to capture your little one´s childhood from many different perspectives, from baby books and pictures to baby growth charts and artwork.

A growth chart is the perfect addition to your child´s bedroom, from the nursery stage and throughout their childhood. They usually offer fun and interactive stickers to use as place markers for your child´s growth, so you can watch your child grow almost right before your eyes. Kids will love getting to put a sticker in a new place on this unique kid´s growth chart each time they measure, showing how much they have grown in a short time period.

Children´s growth charts are a great way to start teaching your child about measurement, and to keep track of growth spurts and other events to help with planning for clothing. As your child gets old enough to understand what it means to grow, you can use the child growth chart to help them get excited about the next stage in their development.

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